The following guidelines are aimed at non-professional contributions from the UPLIFT Community, if you are a professional writer looking to contribute to UPLIFT, please check out our article submission guidelines.

Community Contribution Guidelines

UPLIFT is resonating and spreading Unity, Peace, and Love throughout the world and everyone is welcome to participate. UPLIFT is a collective field open to contributions; an inspirational space for co-creation and igniting hearts for conscious collaborations.

We welcome creative writing community contributions: personal stories, poems, vignettes, anecdotes, letters, prayers, etc about Unity, Peace and Love.  Create what you are passionate about & inspired by!

We select original work focussed on inspiration, transformation and positivity and will publish these as a gift to the UPLIFT global community. Together, we can lift the vibrational frequency of humankind, and co-create a new expression of consciousness.

Here's a few tips on the essence that UPLIFT is wishing to share with the world:-

  • We are all parts of a whole, so please do not perpetuate a “them vs. us” mentality.
  • We are all divine, with no need to fix anything as if we are broken, or solve anything as if there is a ‘problem’.  Do not preach to people, telling them how to be, or what to do.
  • We can all be of service to the whole that is greater than the self; to explore, discover and participate in a love affair with the unknown.
  • We can all wake up to the truth.  Do not pander to the reader, reinforcing or enabling them to ‘feel-good’ about existing beliefs or ways of being based upon this illusion.

Be … Uplifting, Inspiring, Transformational, Engaging, Purposeful, Compassionate ...

In deep gratitude, we wish you continued inspiration, joy and love ... 



Submission Terms

  1. UPLIFT accepts Community Contribution Submissions by email only:
  2. You certify your submission is your own original work, and that any excerpts of other work are clearly cited as Fair Use or Public Domain.  
  3. You accept that no financial rewards are offered for UPLIFT Community Contributions
  4. You accept that UPLIFT does not allow advertising, promotional or sponsored content and/or links of any kind.
  5. You accept that UPLIFT is not a mouthpiece for the transmission of political agendas and/or activism.
  6. You accept that UPLIFT reserves the right to determine how we present your work for final publication.  The title, descriptive text or imagery you suggest may be adjusted for stylistic reasons and/or copyright issues.
  7. You accept that UPLIFT will publish the author’s name and location unless you request to remain anonymous. No external links will be published. 
  8. You accept that UPLIFT cannot publish all submissions and thereby agree that UPLIFT will have the final say on what is or is not published. You will only hear back from UPLIFT if your submission is accepted for publication.


Unity, Peace and Love In a Field of Transcendence