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We welcome the republishing of the written or audio content from UPLIFT's website(s) based upon the terms outlined below. Due to licensing agreements, we do not allow the republishing of film content from our website(s), however, you may embed any video content publicly available on our YouTube channel.


Republishing Terms

Upon reasonable request UPLIFT will grant you free permission to republish the text of our articles on a non-profit, non-exclusive basis and in alignment with the following conditions:-

  • All UPLIFT content is strictly for non-commercial use and should not be used for financial gain, this includes advertising, sponsorships and any other financial arrangements.
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  • You do not alter, change, or add to the content, with the exception that you may retitle our articles.
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  • You agree this permission does not include any content that UPLIFT reprints or excerpts that is copyrighted by others.

If you would like to republish our original content, we would request that you email us

Kindly note that due to the volume of collaboration requests we receive, please do not become disenchanted if you do not get an immediate response. We would ask that you refrain from republishing any UPLIFT content until the team have been able to review your request.



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