The following guidelines are aimed at professional writers who are looking to contribute to UPLIFT, if you are an amateur/budding writer we accept community contributions, please check out our community contributions guidelines.


Article Submission Guidelines

If you are interested in writing for UPLIFT, please take a look at some of the more recent articles. Reflect upon how your voice and personal human experience could be used to craft an insightful and informative article.

Here are a few more tips on writing for UPLIFT:-

  • We are passionate about sharing unique human stories of how love manifests through action, that will inspire and motivate people to reflect inwards.  We ask that you only share authentic stories based upon your own embodied experience. This can include sharing practices or experiences that may have resonated with you, as well as about projects or initiatives that are manifestations of love-in-action in the world.
  • We aim to publish inspiring stories. Some aspects of ‘shadow’ or ‘what’s wrong’ may be used for context but this cannot be the focus of the story. We ask stories do not:-<
    • Come from fear-based or negative viewpoints.
    • Perpetuate a “them versus us” conflict mentality, this includes stereotyping based upon race, gender, religion, political views etc.
    • Ask the reader to fix anything as if they are broken, or solve anything as if there is a ‘problem’.  
    • Preach to the reader, telling them how to be, or what to do (we do not publish ‘How to …’ articles).
    • Pander to the reader, reinforcing or enabling them to ‘feel-good’ about existing beliefs or ways of being. 

Please note that:-

  • We enjoy innovative, well-researched articles, so please include research, sources & personal stories that affirm your point. Quotes can also be used to encapsulate your experience.
  • Clear titling, subheadings, focus and subject matter are very helpful, as we intend to publish high-quality content that can also be easily shared in today's world of social media connectivity.
  • The writing style should NOT be self-promotional or exclusive to a particular group but should aim to appeal to a wider audience.
  • We DO NOT allow advertising, promotional or sponsored content and/or links of any kind. At our discretion, your author name can link to your chosen website.
  • We remunerate writers only once we have approved and published a finished article. Please note there is a discretionary sliding payment scale depending upon how much effort our team is required to contribute towards editing and finalising each piece.

Article Submission Terms

  • UPLIFT accepts article submissions by email only to with the subject "Article Submission".
  • By submitting your work to UPLIFT you agree:-
    • To give UPLIFT exclusive “use rights” in perpetuity.
    • That you may only use our edited and published article (with credit and link) in publications that you own or control such as your personal website, blog or social media with our express permission.
    • That you certify this is your own original work, and that any excerpts of other work are clearly cited as Fair Use or public domain.  
    • That any images you provide to us are royalty and/or copyright free, or are explicitly licensed to UPLIFT Media for publication, for free.
  • UPLIFT reserves the right:-
    • To edit your work and to choose what we use for final publication (including title, text or any images provided), for stylistic reasons and/or copyright issues.
    • To have the final say on what is or not published by UPLIFT.



In deep gratitude, we wish you continued inspiration, joy and love ...