Love in Action

UPLIFT inspires people to embrace a life of love in action.

“Love in Action” is about proactively expressing kindness, cooperation, affection, connection and empathy in our relationships with ourselves, each other and the planet.  

Through the projects that UPLIFT supports and the compelling stories they tell, our global community represents everyone motivated to explore love in their lives.

UPLIFT encourages discovering our divine essence and sharing the best of who we are with others. We offer the opportunity to support inspiring projects and share stories that activate and spread joy, unity and peace globally.  


Heart-centred Projects

UPLIFT is passionate about supporting heart-centred projects that are expressing love through tangible action. 

We aim to inspire & nurture anyone who wishes to live and amplify love.  We do this by supporting love-in-action projects that make a difference, sharing impactful stories of love and offering experiences that empower people to embody love.

UPLIFT is a registered 501(3)(c) charitable foundation; we believe that together we can make a real impact by manifesting love into impactful and lasting action.

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UPLIFTing Media

UPLIFT creates & curates inspiring stories about projects, communities and people who are inspirational examples of love-in-action.  Through the stories we tell, UPLIFT wishes to bring more love into people's lives and the wider world.



In deep gratitude, we wish you continued inspiration, joy and love ...